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The printing industry will more stronge because of the virus

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How to find growth space for printing enterprises?This needs business operator to grasp new change ceaselessly in the growth evolution of market opportunity.As management master Peter Drucker said, "An enterprise can only grow within the entrepreneur's thinking space, and the growth of an enterprise is limited by the thinking space that its operator can reach."To understand the general trend and trend of the growth and structural adjustment of the printing industry is an important proposition that the operators of printing enterprises need to face in the new round of printing industry transformation and upgrading.As long as the right wind, printing can take off.

The popularization of Internet terminal reading has a significant impact on the content printing industry. In 2015, the print volume of newspapers has plunged from 167.8 billion pairs of newspapers in 2011 to 114.5 billion pairs of newspapers. In five years, the total number of newspapers has dropped by 30%.This is also the case with commercial printing, which accounts for a considerable share of the printing market. The decline in advertising in stores is much faster than expected, which is also the reason why companies such as Shanghai Qiuyu and Shenzhen Li & Fung Acuor, which mainly focus on business wheels and manufacture equipment, cannot continue.

Data show that the proportion of packaging printing in the total printing volume has increased from 65% in 2009 to 74.45% in 2013, reaching 774.957 billion yuan, which is an increase of more than 2 percentage points every year.Although packaging printing is also affected by the global economic downturn, and the appearance of packaging for internal products will not become the dominant factor, the decline and rise of content printing and packaging printing will certainly push packaging printing to a more important position.Therefore, relevant government departments and business operators should attach importance to the development of packaging and printing research.



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